Author: Dana L. Brown

I’m an Award Winning Author!!


At the August 5, 2017 Florida Authors and Publishers Presidential awards, I was named a Silver Medalist for my debut novel, Lottie Loser.  What a wonderful honor and experience.

I’m pictured with new FAPA president Jane R. Wood, and president elect, Mark Wayne Adams.






FAPA Awards

The Florida Authors and Publishers 2017 Presidential Awards will be held on August 5th, and I’m trying to wait patiently!  To be named a finalist on my debut novel is such an honor, and I can’t wait to share the results with you!

Happy Reading……….


Lottie is a Finalist!!

Yesterday I received notice that Lottie Loser is a finalist in the Florida Authors and Publishers Association Presidential Awards! This is like a dream come true, and I don’t want to wake-up!!

The actual awards will be presented in August, so stay tuned for the results!!

Also yesterday, I attended a book club in Celina, Ohio as the guests of my good friends, Bev Badgett and Sonnie Bernhardi.  It was a great group of ladies and I truly enjoyed meeting them, and telling my story.  As a side note, it was Bev who told me the name of the book should be Lottie Loser after I shared with her that was the nickname Lottie was given by a mean girl when she was in Junior High. Honestly I wasn’t sure, but once I had the idea in my head I liked it more and more!

Wishing that all of your Fairytales will have a happy ending!


Book Club Banter!

Last night I attended my first Book Club as an author, and it was amazing!  The members ranged in age from twenty-one on up, but they had each read Lottie Loser and enjoyed it!  Who ever said that romance is only for the young needs to rethink that!

The conversation around Lottie, and my experiences during the writing process, were so engaging, and I loved being able to share my story.  The best part is that they can’t wait for Call Me Charlotteto be released, and as an author that was music to my ears.

On July 10th I have another Book Club speaking engagement in Celina, Ohio, and I’m really excited for the opportunity.  I’m living my Fairytale….are you?



Book Expo America

I’m back from the NYC Book Expo America, and had such a great time! Talk about a Fairytale coming true. I met Elin Hildebrand , Michael Connelly, Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush, plus so many up and coming authors. Do you have a Fairytale that’s come true? I’d love to hear about it and so would other followers of Lottie!

My Fairytale, Chapter Two!

If you’ve read Lottie Loser, and I hope that you have, you’ll know that there’s a reference to a fairytale, so I’ve decided to call our group, Fairytale Fans!

I love a “happily ever after”, and I hope that you do too, so this week’s blog is all about happy endings, and dreams that have come true!

Please share with us your “happily ever after”, as well as the journey you had to take to get there.  Dreams are wonderful, and fairytales are fun, but sometimes the road to achieving them is long and arduous.

I wish that all of your fairtales have had a happy ending, and I can’t wait to hear about them.



My Fairytale, Chapter One!

Good Morning World, and welcome to my fairytale! This is my first ever blog post, and I am so excited!  Sixteen months ago I started on a journey to write a book, and now not only has Lottie Loser been published, but I have a website as well. Talk about a dream come true.

So tell me, what are your dreams, and what are you doing to achieve them?  I saw a sign yesterday that read “Don’t call them dreams, call them plans”, and it makes a lot of sense.  Often we feel that dreams are just wishes, but plans are items we’ll take action on.  The thing is, I like having dreams, and for me it’s important for them to have meaning, as well as be a little lofty.

I hope you will join me in sharing your dreams, fairytales or plans, whatever term makes the most sense to you, and together we can celebrate our successes, as we support each other through this beautiful voyage called life!