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Happy Blog Day!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone you played Two Truths and a Lie last week.  The overwhelming answer was that I lied in saying I had read every single Harry Potter book, and if you said that, you were right!

David Edmonds was the first correct answer, and he got it by using logic, saying it was a lot of books to read! I wouldn’t know that because I haven’t read any of the HP books!😳

You will see a reference to Harry Potter and my flight superstition in Call Me Charlotte, so be watching!

Speaking of David Edmonds, he’s one of the authors you need to meet. His books, Girl in the Glyphs, and Lily of Peru are filled with International  intrigue, and just enough spice to heat things up!

The next author you need to know is K.I. Knight.  Her Fate & Freedom Series is amazing, and if you care at all about genealogy, and the truth about the heritage of this country, these books are a must read.

Zelle Andrews is a name you’ll want to remember.  Her books, Paisley Memories and Dancing With Dandelions are so poignant, and I highly recommend them.

David and Kathryn are both multiple Award Winning Authors, and Zelle is headed in that direction.  But what you need to know is that besides being wonderful authors, who will make you both laugh and cry, they are all three my friends. Can my Fairytale get any better?

Wishing you a day filled with books,  curled up in your favorite chair…

As Always,

Dana L.





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