Book Club Discussion

Book Club Discussion Questions…

  1.  Does the title of the book fit the storyline?

2.  How credible or believable did you find the narrator to be?  Did you feel like you got the true story?

3.  Any “If/Then” Questions? If the protagonist choose her other love interest, how might the book have been different?

4.  Was there enough tension or conflict throughout the book?

5.  Who was your favorite character and why?

6. How was the chemistry between the two main characters?

7. Was the book all about the characters, or the plot?

8.  Compare this book to your last Book Club read. Which did you enjoy more and why?

9. Was there a quote or a passage that really resonated with you?

10.  You’re the author…what changes, if any would you make and why?

Keep reading, keep writing and keep reaching!

As Always,

Dana L.