Book Review of Lisbeth… A Novel by Marina Brown

How do you forge the past with the present? How do you take interesting characters from 1930 and make them jump off the page in the year 1984? Marina Brown ( no relation to me) certainly knows how, and her novel, Lisbeth, is a beautifully written example of just how it should be done.

Claire Elliston is the granddaughter of a Big Daddy Charlie Elliston. Richer than dirt, and founder of the Farmers’ and Businessmen’s National Bank, he has allowed Claire to be the bank’s manager, but has no real relationship with his only living relative. And that suits Claire just fine.

As Claire struggles to rebuild a property left to her by her mother Lisbeth Elliston, daughter of Charlie, the past comes alive as Claire’s mother reaches from her grave for redemption. What evil lurks on Buena Vista, and to what cost is Claire willing to go to find out about her mother Lisbeth’s life and death?

Lisbeth is filed with naughty Southern humor, and provocative situations as it takes you from the era of the Jim Crow South, to the families trying to deal with the implications of interracial love and commitment.

Lisbeth is funny and sexy, warm and poignant, and definitely thought provoking. From Big Daddy Charlie’s hatred, to the love in the afternoon at the B & B, Lisbeth will keep you on the edge of your seat as you turn from one delightful page to the next!

Until we read again 📚…


Dana L ❤️


  1. Marina Brown says:

    A thank you to Dana Brown for reviewing Lisbeth. My first novel, Land Without Mirrors, a story about love on a mysterious island in the Caribbean, where a nun with deep secrets, an ambitious doctor, and a machiavellian priest set the stage for the turn into adulthood of three adolescents confined to an island inhabited solely by lepers. With twists and turns, magical realism, and a surprise denouement, Land Without Mirrors, also a Gold-Medal winning novel, will show another side of my writing.
    Writers who read are always the best reviewers. They know what to look for. They have an innate sense of words and their power. To have a stamp of approval from Dana Brown, is an honor due deep thanks. I give it here.

  2. Gay Barrett says:

    Adding this book to my list! Thank you for the review, Dana!

    Also, Happy Valentine’s Day to Nick & Charlotte. May we all have a relationship as fiery and passionate as yours.

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