Endorsements and Accolades

Lottie Loser

A true page turner!!! From the first page the reader is transported into the mind of Charlotte, a fascinating and totally relatable character. Through emotionally charged details, Charlotte, a strong and independent woman, allows you a peak into her well-hidden vulnerabilities.

I have special praise for the author’s ability to weave the past and present in such a way that keeps you wanting more.

In this national award-winning contemporary romance, you will be hooked on Lottie. Can’t wait for the second book in this captivating series!

~ K. I. Knight, Author of the national award-winning series “Fate & Freedom

Lottie Loser is a feel-good contemporary romance. With relatable characters, an enjoyable plot, and gentle humor, Lottie Loser is a page-turning read.

~ Melanie Thurlow, Author of Rose by Another Name, The Blythe Series

Lottie Loser

A thoroughly engaging romance where the characters jump off the pages and capture your heart. Read Dana L. Brown!"

~ Colleen Connally, Amazon Best Selling Author of Secret Lives Series, Boston's Crimes of Passion Series, and The Three Realms Series

Lottie Loser is a fresh, compelling story about second chances, rekindled love, and finding yourself. The characters were relatable - in fact, I think women everywhere will relate to Lottie in some way. I already can’t wait to read it again!

~ April HughesThe Vagaries of Us blog.

LOTTIE LOSER is a gripping love story of a young woman’s struggle to overcome the past and build a new life for herself on a beautiful tropical island off the coast of Florida. What she doesn’t expect is for the past to catch up with her, and things sizzle and pop to the last riveting page!

~ David C. Edmonds, multiple award-winning author of Lily of Peru and The Girl in the Glyphs