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Below is an excerpt from Noah Lark, which is set to release this spring. I’ve purposely changed some of the words so we can play a game!

At the end of the excerpt are four questions. Put your answers in the Contact Me section on the website, and let’s see what you know about the AMI Series, and the upcoming spin-off series, with Noah Greyson as the first main character. Everyone who answers all four questions correctly will have their name’s entered into a contest for a FREE Ebook copy of Noah’s Lark, when it releases.

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By the time he made it back the hurt was gone, but the anger had set in. While he waited for a tender Noah went to the Tiki Hut and had a double shot of tequila. He had just finished sucking on the lime when a hot to trot beach bunny sat down beside him.

You look like you’re all dressed up with no place to go,” she purred in his ear.

Noah barely looked in her direction. A band aid might cover the wound he was feeling tonight, but he just wasn’t interested. He shook his head, placed a twenty on the bar and went outside to wait for his ride.

The Lark felt cold and lonely when he stepped inside. Loosening his tie, he opened the fridge looking for something to fill the empty spot in his gut. Could this night have been a bigger shitshow, he wondered? Finding an old wedge of cheese, he ate around the spots that were dried out and hard, and then threw the rest in the trash. He popped the top on a can of Coors and then wondered if it was a bad idea to drink beer on top of tequila and champagne, but he chugged the golden liquid anyway.

His phone had been ominously silent all evening but he checked his messages just to be sure before placing the call that needed to be made. As soon as he heard a “hello”, his tirade began.

“They’re crazy Nick, you know that, right?” Noah half yelled. “You tried to warn me but I wouldn’t listen and now they’ve pulled me into their little fucked up life. Crazy, rich people that’s what they are, and I don’t do crazy.”

Nick chuckled on the other end. “It sounds to me like you’ve been hitting the sauce Little Brother, how much have you had to drink, and please tell me your safely tucked in for the night.”

Considering the night I’ve had I’m nowhere near done drinking, but I’m in for the night so you don’t need to worry. I just turned down a chance with a beautiful woman Nick, and all because of those crazy fucking people. I swear there’s something evil going on there, I think you need to investigate them.”

Nick couldn’t stop laughing as he continued to listen to his brother rant and rave, which only made Noah yell more. When he was finally quiet Nick spoke.

“I don’t know what happened to you tonight, Noah,” he said, “but this is a conversation for tomorrow. You need a bottle of water and three aspirin and to call me in the morning. But not too early because it’s Saturday. And yeah, they’re are a little crazy, but she’s worth the headache. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you think she is, and that’s what matters.”

Noah listened to his brothers words, and because it was true, he did think she was worth it, and he had drunk more than he should have he blurted out, “Do you know she’s still a virgin, Nick?”

Nick sighed, but it was a sigh that spoke volumes.

“Nick,” Noah said before hanging up the phone. “Thanks for always being there.”

“I always will be,” Nick answered, now I’ve got to get to sleep before Charlotte starts to snore. This is one of aspects of her pregnancy that I’m not enjoying.”

That was enough to bring a smile to Noah’s face, but he still cracked open another beer.

“Are there aspects you do enjoy?” he quizzed.

Nick chuckled. “I hope some day you get to find out.”


1. Who is the woman Noah and Nick are referring to?

2. Who are the “crazy rich people” Noah’s mentions?

3. What is the name of the woman that Noah has been in love with for most of his life?

4. What is The Lark?

Remember to enter your answers in the Contact Me section of my website. Answers must be submitted by Valentines Day, the day we celebrate love and relationships. Good luck, and have fun!

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