Paper or Plastic?

When I turned…, well let’s just say one year for my birthday, my mom bought me a Kindle, and I loved it! Being an avid reader it allowed me to never be without a book to read, whether I was riding in the car, or sitting by the pool. I joined Kindle Unlimited and some weeks read five books, but that all changed when I actually wrote one of my own.

I still enjoy my Kindle for traveling, but today nothing feels as good in my hands as a real book. There’s just something about curling up in a chair, or stretching out on the boat, whiling away the afternoon with one of my favorite authors that truly makes my heart happy.

So which do you prefer, paper or plastic? Or maybe like me, you like a little of both?

On this blog we have six published authors; Zelle Andrews, Patti Bassard Jefferson, David Edmonds, SE Rose, Sam Staley, and me! There are also two ladies with books still being written, Gay Barrett and Peta Monk. If I may speak for all of us, we appreciate when you buy our books, either in electronic or actual book form, and nothing makes us happier than to have someone say, “I bought your book and I loved it!”

Paper or Plastic is a personal choice, although for the first time in years more paper books are being sold than ebooks. Maybe people have found out like I have, the pleasure you get when you really turn a page!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and you can send them by email, on in the contact box on the website.  And Oh yeah!  No matter what form of book you choose, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW!

Wishing you the Happy Endings that come from reading a good book!

Dana L.






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