The Power of a Word

Do you remember this children’s rhyme?  Sticks and stones  may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. It sounds nice, but in reality it’s the biggest crock of butter you’ve ever been told!

Words can hurt, and hurt badly. They ruin marriages, and families and friendships, all because they’re so easy to say, but impossible to take back.

Who in your life says the most negative things to you in a given day? You know, the person who says “you’ll never lose weight”, or “you’re not a very good athlete “. It’s you, right?

It doesn’t matter where words come from; your spouse, your parent, a friend, or your own thoughts and mouth, the wrong words can take away your joy, your motivation and sometimes even your life.

Today I’m challenging you to keep your words positive, whether you’re talking to yourself, or someone else. Words are a weapon and they can be spoken for us or against us.

Remember in Lottie Loser the first time Ashley Marshall called Lottie a “loser”? Those words helped define Charlotte’s life,  but thankfully they didn’t break her.

My goal is to think before I speak and to use my words to change my life! Because you know what? I’ve proven that I can lose weight, and I biked The Netherlands! But most importantly, I want to use my words for healing, and not for pain.

Wishing you a day filled with wonderful words, for others and especially for you…


Dana L.


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