Three Authors You Should Know!

It’s author week and it’s my pleasure to share with you Three Authors whose work you I hope you will love as much as I do.


Sam Staley (S.R. Staley) is a lover of pirates, and his series about them is lots of fun! I just completed the first book in the series, The Pirate of Panther Bay, and was especially fond of Isabella, The Pirate Ship Captain.  A woman Pirate? Yep! And I did my Amazon review, too!

Everyone has had their life touched by cancer. Whether by personal experience, or that of a friend or loved one, the next author, Angelina Assanti has a very poignant story to share.  Her #1 Best Seller, Thank God I Got Cancer Because Now I’m Not a Hypochondriac Anymore, is written in a way that will make you laugh and make you cry, and it will definitely make you think.

Jeri Hines is the author of several series set during the old south, or The Revolutionary War, and every book  I’ve read has melted my heart. Her Southern Legacy Series is one of my favorites. Belle of Charleston is Book I and if you like strong male characters, you’ll love both Cullen and Wade.

I hope you enjoy this month’s author share, and that you’ll read and appreciate their work. I’ve read the books listed above,I wouldn’t recommend them if I hadn’t.  And remember….leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads!

Books are my passion…what’s yours? 📚

As always,

Dana L.



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