Two Truths and a Lie!

Happy Wednesday Fairytale Fans!  Below are two truths and one lie.  Let’s see how well you know me.  The first correct answer will get a shout out in next week’s post!

  1.  I have read every Harry Potter book written.
  2. Before boarding an airplane I say “arrive alive”.
  3. I’m a dancing Queen, and love to dance.

Why these questions?  Because two of them are mentioned in Call Me Charlotte, and I wanted to give you a little teaser before the actual release.

Finalizing the text and the artwork this week has been so much fun and I can’t wait for you to have the finished product.  Call Me Charlotte is phase two of my Fairytale, and I love being able to share it with you.

Until next week I wish you Happy Endings, and more truths than lies!

As always,

Dana L.





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