Why Write a Review?

  • We’re all Readers here, right? So that means we always give a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads when we’re done with a book, because we know how important those reviews are to the author.  Right again?

If you’re hanging your head, it’s okay, because sometimes writing a review seems like a lot of work, so we just don’t do one. But have you ever thought how important that review is to the writer of the book you just read?

Yesterday I got my hair done and yes, I’m as blonde as a California girl, but while I was with my stylist the lady in the next chair told me how much she loved Lottie Loser! Awesome.  I asked her if she had done a review on Amazon and she said “no”, I’ll just give you your review here. I realized then that a lot of people don’t really understand the value of their posted review, so that’s why we’re talking about it now.

A posted review to Amazon or Goodreads is more than just validation for the author.  The real purpose is so that other readers can decide by the posted message whether or not it’s a book they want to read. Of course, it also helps the writer know if their work is being well received, or if they missed the boat!

A 5 Star review is what all authors are hoping for, but not all books are 5 Star worthy.  You need to review based on your experience with the book.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Means I loved it

⭐⭐⭐⭐      I liked it

⭐⭐⭐            It was okay

⭐⭐                I didn’t like it

⭐                     I hated it

A two or three sentence explanation needs to go with the review, along with a title.  I recently read and reviewed K.I. Knight’s, Fate & Freedom, The Middle Passage, and this was my 5 Star review.

”What a powerful and moving storyline! If you love history this is a great read.  My heart was pulled towards the main characters and I have to know what happens next”.

I’m currently reading The Pirate of Panther Bay, by S.R. Staley, and of course , I’ll leave a review!

So, the next time you read a book, whether it comes from your local library, Amazon, or another avenue, please remember this blog, and leave a review! The author and other perspective readers will thank you.

One more tidbit.  If you don’t regularly use Amazon they won’t post your review.  I believe  the rule now is you must have spent $50.00 with them, but that is always changing.

Goodreads allows reviews without a purchase, so be sure to utilize them.

I wish you all a wonderful Wednesday, and hope that as soon as you finish reading this you’ll post a review on the last book that you read! Unless of course, you already did!

Be a Rock Star for your favorite author!

As Always

Dana L.







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