A Love Affair With Words!

What are you currently reading and what book first made you fall in love with the written word?

Reader # 1

.I am currently reading The Witches by Stacy Schiff. It’s a nonfiction piece focusing on the hysteria that drove the Salem witch trials in 1692.

The first book book I remember reading that started my love affair with the written word was probably something by Dr. Seuss.  Why? His tales of made up worlds and far-away places, and the magic that can be conjured with words colored my world. My library card was a passport out of my ordinary life.

Reader # 2

I’m currently reading Orphan X by Greg Hurwitz.  It’s a Crime Thriller, not the genre I usually read. I’m an action adventure guy, but he’s an interesting writer, so I thought I would give it a try.

The first book I remember reading that helped me fall in love with books was Horacio Hornblower. It had adventure in exotic places, with lots of action and danger.

Reader # 3

I’m currently reading an ARC from Julia Wolf, Cut Free. It’s a Contemporary Romance that takes place in a small historical town, based on where the author and I live.

The first book I remember falling in love with was Charlotte’s Webb. My mom read it to me when I was about six, and I asked her to only read chapter books after that. Why Charlotte’s Webb? I loved animals and could relate to Fern.

Reader # 4

I haven’t started reading it yet, but I have The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry sitting on my bedside table. I’m always drawn to fiction, so I’m sure it won’t disappoint. It’s about a family of women from Salem, Massachusetts who have the ability to read the future in the patterns of lace.

I guess you could say that Nancy Drew mysteries helped me fall in love with books. I know that reflects my age, but you can’t beat a good teen mystery.

Reader # 5

I just bought the Bankers Wife by Cristina Alger, but haven’t started it yet.

I was a late bloomer to reading, but then I picked up The Pelican Brief, and then A Time to Kill and The Firm, and I was hooked! I love the side works of business and law.

Reader # 6

I am not currently reading a book, but the first book I fell in love with was Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks. I loved it so much that I went on to read several more of his books.  I also love the author Jody Picoult, especially the book, The Plain Truth.

Reader # 7

I am currently reading The Panther, by Nelson DeMille. It’s an international intrigue about a New York tough guy cop who goes to Yemen in search of terrorists who attacked the USS Cole-a true incident that killed 14 US Soilders. His character is an alpha male badass who, like all of DeMille’s lead characters, doesn’t cooperate with others and is politically incorrect.

I’ve been reading and enjoying books since I first figured out the alphabet (Hardy Boys Mysteries, Nancy Drew, Huck Finn, comics), but if I had to chose one that kept me awake at night and gave me a desire for adventure it would be a close call between Last of the Mohicans and Horatio Hornblower.

And me!

I’ve become infatuated with John Sandford novels this year.  His character, Lucas Davenport, is a little bit of a rogue cop, who also made millions by writing gaming programs.  There now is a spinoff character, Virgil Flowers, and he’s the lead in the book I’m reading Rough Country. Not really sure of the genre, but it’s a nice change after writing Women’s Fiction.

When I was in the fifth grade a friend loaned me her Trixie Beldon book, and I was hooked! Mysteries, but any type of series with a reoccurring character, is what I love.  I want to feel like I know the people I’m reading about, and a series helps me do just that.

Thank you so much to those of you who took the time to share your stories, and your love of books. We’ve been given lots  of good information, and new books to look for. I already have two of the ones written down for my next read.

I love the words From Reader #1. “My library card was a passport out of my ordinary life”  And isn’t that what books are meant to do? They take our ordinary life and make it exciting, and filled with adventure.

My wish for you this week is that you can read, at least a little bit each day, and that you can lose yourself in a world of make believe. I intend to!📚

As always,

Dana L.