How Do You Choose?

The last time you were at the library, or shopping for reading material online, why did you chose what you did? Was it because you enjoy a certain genre, or because the cover jumped out at you, or did you even think about it?

I used to go to the library and head directly to the New Releases.  If one of my favorite authors didn’t have a new book out I was always able to find a snazzy cover, or enticing blurb to make my choice easy, but today I’m more discerning.

Maybe it happened when I became an author, or maybe it’s because I’m older and wiser now, but today I chose my books carefully. I love reading a series. That’s probably why Lottie Loser went from one book to at least three! Knowing the characters intimately is what makes a book real for me, and it’s also why I don’t enjoy audio books.  When I read, the images in my head bring the book to life, and I want a quiet room so my imagination can run wild!

The same question can be asked of writers. How do you chose what you write? Is there a style to your writing? Today at the Winchester Writers Group we discussed it, and to be honest, I had never thought about a writing style.  One person said they write to educate, my dad would have loved that, but most of us said we write to entertain. I know for me, I want people to love and become familiar with my characters, just as I do with other author’s work.

My brother loves to read true stories about people or places in history, and he’s always encouraging me to read them, too.  The thing is, for the most part that’s not how I want to spend my leisure time. That’s education to me, and I want to be entertained.

Reading and writing are both personal choices. I know people who love to write short stories, but that’s never been my interest. I’m not big on reading poetry either, yet some of it captures my soul.

So the next time you buy or borrow a book, or sit down at a computer to write, think about your choice, and if it has any significance. It could be the book cover is pink and you really like pink, or you saw the leaves falling and it brought a story to mind. The greatest part is, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you continue to do what you love, you’ve made the right choice.

Are you old enough to remember the song School Days?

”Reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic” we’re part of the lyrics, but I say let’s forget the ‘rithmetic and just read and write!

Wishing you a Blessed week..

Dana L.




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