It’s Award Season!

On May 2nd of this year I shared with you three authors you should know, and I was spot on!  In the last week announcements have been made about all three of them, and the awards they are receiving for their work.  If you didn’t feel you had a good reason to read their books before, maybe this will convince you!

David EdmondsThe Girl in The Glyphs is a finalist in the 2018 Latino Books into Movies at the Latino International Fim Festival. And if that wasn’t enough, his latest novel, The Heretic of Granada is a Medalist in the Florida Authors and Publishers 2018 Presidential Awards.  Both books are Historical Fiction and exceptional reads.

K.I. Knight…Both of Kathryn Knight’s Fate & Freedom books have just been named International AAHGS Winners! I have read both books and highly recommended them. Kathryn is a master of genealogy, and while the books are novels, they are very accurate in their accounts.

Zelle Andrews…Remember you heard it here, first! In May I told you that Zelle was on her way to becoming an Award Winning Author, and now she is! The second book in her Paisley series, Dancing with Dandelions is also a Medalist in the Florida Authors and Publishers 2018 Presidential Awards, in both Women’s Fiction (chiclit) and Florida Fiction for Adults.  I know that several of you read Zelle’s Books after my share in May, but if you haven’t, now is the time.  They’re so good!

I’m sure most of you have seen on my social media sites that Call Me Charlotte has also been named a Medalist in three categories in the Florida Authors and Publishers 2018 Presidential Awards, and I feel so honored.  The FAPA Awards will be presented on August 4th in Orlando, and that’s where everyone finds out whether they will be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal.

All of these books are available on Amazon and are definitely worth your time and investment.  And as always, please leave a review! It’s an author’s bread and butter!

Have a wonderful week and read a book! After all, books are the “other channel”!


Dana L.