Leading the Cheer! 🥳

When I was in school being a cheerleader was high on my dream list. Unfortunately it never turned into a reality. I had tons of spirit, and loved nothing more than rooting my team on, but I had one real problem; I was not athletically inclined. Splits, backflips, and straddle jumps were well out of my comfort zone, so I joined the cheer block, and did my cheering from the sidelines.

My athletic abilities have never gotten better, but I’ve found that I’m a pretty good cheerleader, as long as jumping in the air isn’t required. That’s why I’ve chosen this forum for cheering on some great authors, with great books, that I think you’ll enjoy knowing about. These books are available in paperback or ebook formats, but if you’re practicing social distancing, ebooks are easy, quick, and economical, three of my favorite words!

I am a proud owner of each one of these books, and I highly  recommend them to you. My new motto for the time being is #stayathome #readabook, and anyone of these would be a great choice.


And if I can self promote, The 3 ebooks in the AMI Series are on sale for 99 cents each!! Read the books that became my Fairytale, and be ready when Book I of the AMI Family spin-off series launches this spring. Noah’s Lark has really taken hold of my heart, and I can’t wait for you to read it!🧜‍♀️

From my Amazon author page you can find all three AMI books. Lottie Loser, Call Me Charlotte, and The Greysons. They are a series and best enjoyed when read in order.



Until we read again…📚


Dana L. ❤️


  1. Barbara Dena says:

    Wahoo! These are great picks! I love Ro’s Handle and highly recommend it. There are more in the series coming soon so be watching. I am going to look for these others right now.

  2. Dave Lager says:

    Dana – Thanks you so much for including “Ro’s Handle” in your collection of recommended books; of course, I especially liked it when you described me as being among “great authors.” I am diligently working on future books in the Ro Delahanty series, so stay tuned.

    • Dana L Brown says:

      It was my pleasure, Dave. I truly enjoyed Ro’s Handle and look forward to more books in the series.


      Dana L.

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