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In 2014, for our 40th anniversary The Captain and I celebrated by going to Hawaii. We spent a week of luxury on Maui, but first stayed a few days in Honolulu on the island of Oahu so we could tour Pearl Harbor. Both my dad and uncle served in the military during WW II, and it was important for us to see up close and personal this important part of our country’s history.

It’s said that when you stand on the USS Battleship Missouri today, and look across to the USS Arizona Memorial, you are experiencing the beginning and the end of WW II. It all happened before I was born, yet as you look down into the Arizona Memorial, and smell the oil that still leaks, your heart is right there with the men whose lives were taken.

My uncle, LT. JG Jack Reichart of the US Navy, was on the Might Mo when the peace treaty was signed, and it was an honor that he wore proudly. A documentary was made about his life, outlining his career on the brand new USS Battleship Missouri, through the peace treaty signing on September 2, 1945.

The USS Battleship Missouri overlooking the Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial
James H. Reichart, Jr. LT JG

My dad was in ROTC at Purdue University, and entered the army after graduation in 1938. Soon afterwards WW II began. The picture below was taken in 1945 and the words are his.

Major John William Reichart,
My Dad❤️

I’m so proud of my heritage, and the men in my family, from my grandfather to my brother, who fought for this country. Do I love everything that our government says or does? No, but the great part about being a citizen of the USA is that I’m allowed to express those feelings.

I love my country and I appreciate every man and woman who has served to keep my family safe. It’s a few days late, I know, but Thank you for your service, whether you peeled potatoes in Korea like my father-in-law did, or were a Green Beret and badass marine.

Until we read again…📚


Dana L❤️


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