You’re the Author!

The responses to “You’re the Author” are in bold, underneath the question.  Thank you so much for your participation!

1. The Greysons, Book III of the AMI Series, isn’t published yet. How would you like to see it end?

The overwhelming majority wants to see Nick and Charlotte together, with a happily ever after.  There were a couple who are rooting for Noah though, so I guess you’ll have to wait to find out!

2. If you could make one change to Lottie Loser, what would it be?

That Ashley Marshall would have gotten  paid back for what she did to Lottie! This was hands down the biggest response.

3.  In Call Me Charlotte, Charlotte was very reticent about being intimate with Nick while others were around.  Would you have enjoyed a little more “spice”?

Most we’re fine with the way it was, a couple would have liked more heat!😉

4. Is there a character in the series whom you would like to see as the next protagonist, or lead character, if the AMI Series continues?  Why?

Pop and Noah ran neck in neck.  The reason? They’re both nice guys who deserve a good woman in their life.

I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did, and that you’re anxiously awaiting the release of The Greysons to find out how Charlotte’s story ends.

Until next week, I wish you have nothing but Happy Endings!


Dana L.