You’ve Got A Friend In Me!

This will be my last Blog of 2018, so it’s a little more personal than usual. I hope that it will be meaningful to you, because it comes from my heart.

One of the things I love most about the characters I write is their fierce loyalty to their friends and family. You’re going to say that I wrote them that way, right? Well, It may have been my finger doing the key strokes, but trust me, in the AMI Series the characters were in control!

Remember how Charlotte fought for her assistant, Carol, in Lottie Loser? Even though she knew it could end up costing her the job that she loved, she stood up for someone she cared about.

Or the way Noah supported his brother, even though they were both in love with Lottie? He could have used Nick and Charlotte’s breakup as a way to slip into her heart, but instead he did the honorable thing, and went to Nick’s defense.

And of of course, Lottie’s lifelong friendship with Becca. I have several really close friends, but not one of them has been part of my entire life. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that one person whom you’ve known forever, and can count on, no matter what?

This year I have made some wonderful new friends. Some have mentored me, some have read my books, and some have just cheered me on, but everyone of them has made an impact on my life. I also made a new BFF when I sent The Greysons to a Beta Reader for clarity. Barb has listened to all of my frustrations, learned all about my life, and shared her heart without judging me. She’s the kind of friend I want to be to others.

I read this on Instagram this week and it really resonated with me.

Your circle should want to see you win.

Your circle should clap the loudest when you have good news.

If it doesn’t, get a new circle.

My point in all of this is to tell you how much I appreciate the support and friendship of everyone who has read Lottie Loser and Call Me Charlotte, and those who tell me they can’t wait for The Greysons to release. You are my circle, and  I can hear your applause in your emails, your Facebook and Twitter posts, and even the direct messages through Messanger. You have made 2018 one of the most special years of my life, and for that I say “Merci, Gracias, and Thank you.”

I have a friend in you, and you have a friend in me!

Until we read again📚….

Christmas Blessings,

Dana L.❤️