AMI Series…Chapter I of Noah’s story 🌴

   Here’s a sneak peek of Book IV in the AMI Series, staring Noah, Nick Greyson’s brother. It’s my first try writing a book from a man’s perspective and I loved doing it.


The title of Book IV is…  




                                       Chapter 1

​​​​​                                        Now

Noah Greyson was not a man given to emotional outbursts, but when the minister said the words “Should anyone here have just cause why this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace”, he almost lost it. But stoically he kept smiling, his hands clamped and rigid at his sides, as his brother married the woman of their dreams.

Lottie had always been Nick’s girl, he’d even said those exact words to her, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want her, too. True, he’d never made a play for her, even after she’d come back to the island after college, but it wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about it. Nick was his big brother, and his best friend, and there was an unwritten rule that you didn’t go after a friend’s girl, even if that friend was too pigheaded to go after her himself.

Instead Noah had stood back, watching Nick and Lottie mess up their chances after high school, and then again this summer, but now here they were, holding hands and saying vows before God, while his heart was being ripped out of his chest. His sister Maya gave his arm a squeeze to let him know she was there and understood, and it helped, just not enough.

And like that the “I do’s” had been said, and the girl he’d loved since childhood, Lottie Luce, was now officially Charlotte Greyson, his brother’s wife.

“Congratulations Big Brother,” he said, slapping Nick on the back hard enough to force him to stop kissing his bride. “It’s been a long time coming but you finally got the girl, and no one deserves it more.” This strangest part was that he meant it.

Charlotte was blushing when he pulled her into a hug and said, “I really am happy for your, Lottie.” When she relaxed and hugged him back he let his mind wander for just a moment before they were pulled apart by people wanting to congratulate the happy couple. What if he had been the groom, and the slight roundness of her belly was his child growing inside of her? It was a fantasy that he’d allowed himself to have before, but he knew it was one he could never have again.

Scrubbing his hands over his face he decided that he just needed to get through this weekend with his mom and then the only thing that would get his life back on track was a double shot of Patron and to get laid. There was something about good tequila and a soft woman that could really make a man forget his troubles. And forgetting his was just what he planned to do.


I hope you fall in love with Noah Greyson like I have! After Lottie and Nick I never thought other characters could mean as much to me, but I’ve got to tell you that Noah has.

The book is complete but I’m working on editing now. Stay tuned for more excerpts, and information about a release date, which will probably be in the spring of 2020.


Until we read again…📚


Dana L. ❤️





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