The World Wide Web…Friend or Foe?

When did I become so dependent on the internet?! Yes, it’s a great tool and resource, but when it goes down, even a person with limited technical skills like mine goes nuts!
This is how my day begins. Get-up, make coffee, greet Sofi, and start reading Tweets from the night before. Of course, some need a commentary from me, plus there are a couple of daily “Author Confessions” that I have to answer, and then I start on Facebook.
All this considering that two years ago I had no Social Media interest at all!
But when the internet stops working, or as I’m now calling it, “the world stops turning”, everything comes to a halt. Yes, I get a certain amount of Twitter and FB activity from the data on my phone, but nothing like when there’s WiFi available.
Where is all this leading us? Yesterday the internet was down all over town, and today I’ve had intermittent service. So while I have editing to do and a cover to approve for Call Me Charlotte, I haven’t been able to access emails from my publisher.
I’ve decided that when I have an approved cover for Charlotte I’ll send it out directly to those of you who have subscribed to my website. After all, membership has privileges, right?.

Until the next time, I wish Happy Endings, and no loss in your internet service!!

As Always,

Dana L.

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