Three Authors You Should Know!

i love it when someone recommends my books to a friend, that’s why I feel it’s so important for me to so the same.  Below are three books, by three authors you may not be familiar with yet, but they’re ones you definitely need to know!

Sandy Barker, author of You Might Meet Someone, is a fresh new face, and this book is wonderful. It’s well written and fun, and if you like romance, and traveling to new destinations, you’re going to love it! And the best past is, Book II in the series is available.

”Can you replace a cheating ex-boyfriend with a new leather handbag and a trip to Greece? Sarah Parsons is going to try.”  Is it any wonder why I love this book?


Ro’s Handle, written by Dave Lager, was recommended by a new friend I made when I was looking for Beta Readers.  It’s the story of Rowen Delahanty, a new young sheriffs deputy, and her intense desire to do the right thing.  It’s was a nice change of pace from the love stories I write, but don’t worry, it has some great steamy scenes, as well!

”Ten years ago Ro Delahanty announced to her fifth grade schoolmates  she wanted to be a cop when she grew up. Unlike most kids, she didn’t change her mind a half-dozen times along the way.” Who doesn’t love a girl with a plan?

SE Rose is the author of Neighbor in Apartment No 5, and it includes the best of both worlds. A nice boy meets girl story, along with their dogs of course, but it has mystery and intrigue, and everything you’re looking for in a novel. Dani and Henry are so good together, but is there a twist in the plot?

”Two neighbors.  One stalker. And no clues.”  What else can I say?

I hope as you’re looking for new books to read you’ll take a chance on one of these.  They’re all available on Amazon, and they’re all  really good! And please…LEAVE A REVIEW  WHEN YOUR DONE!

Wishing you a week of adventures and meeting new authors…and may all of your Fairytales come true!

Happy Endings,

Dana L.





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