Month: May 2020

Book Review of Adam’s Witness by J.C. Paulson

Meeting new authors, whether in person or through social media, is always a highlight in my life. I love to read their work, and I love to share it with others, and that’s where today’s post is taking me. This is a review of Adam’s Witness by J.C. Paulson, one of the special authors of the Twitter Writing Community.

Grace Rampling is a newspaper reporter who gets a tip on a story just as she’s about to finish her weekend assignment. Deciding that the story…one where a local Catholic Church has abruptly canceled a performance by a gay men’s choir, is important and relevant, Grace heads to the church and stumbles, literally, on to the church’s bishop…dead.

Detective Sargent Adam Davis arrives on the scene to find Grace hiding behind a pew, and as any good reporter would be doing, taking notes. Adam and Grace have an immediate chemistry, but Adam stays very professional, despite the feelings that grow for the gorgeous redhead.

Adam’s Witness is much more than a Mystery Thriller. It’s a love story that includes both the budding relationship between Adam and Grace, but also reveals the gay relationship between Adam’s Police force partner, and a local banker. In fact, a hate of the gay community ends up being the crux of the mystery, but it’s handled beautifully.

Of course I fell in love with Adam. Tall, gorgeous law enforcement officials always become my book boyfriends, and Adam fit the bill perfectly. But this book is so much more than a romance. It checks all the boxes for the type of books I like to read.

As a speed reader I often bypass descriptions in scenes that I think feel like minutia, but I didn’t skip a single word in Adam’s Witness. The storyline kept me spellbound, the characters jumped off the page with realism, I could almosts feel the frigid air of early spring in Canada, and I had to know how it ended. So much so that I struggled to put it down.

If your looking for a book that will keep you thinking about it for days,  Adam’s Witness is it. Don’t miss it!

Until we read again…📚


Dana L. ❤️



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