Month: August 2018

Author Talks

By Rebecca Cahill

Dana L. Brown, author of the Award Winning novel, Lottie Loser and Call Me Charlotte, which won a Gold Medal in Romance! Check out her interview below!

Tell me more about yourself:

I took early retirement from a thirty-two career in banking to write the book that was burning in my soul! I am a wife, mother and grandmother, and a National Award Winning Author.

What inspired you to be an Author?

I love to read more than just about anything, and around five years ago the idea for a book crept into my head, and I just had to write it. I really believe all the books I’ve read in my life were my inspiration.

How long have you been writing for?

Just about two and a half years.

How many stories have you written?

I have my two published novels, plus the third book of the series is written, just waiting for publication. Other than that I wrote a story for a writing group about fifteen years ago.

Is writing your full time profession?

Yes, writing is my full time job.

What is the craziest thing you’ve had to research?

Fancy shoes!  I don’t wear high heels and had to learn all about them!

Who is your favorite character?

I love Charlotte.  She’s smart and sexy and kind…she’s who I want to be when I grow up.

What are your top five tips for an aspiring author?

1. You’re never too old to rewrite your personal story

2. Have confidence in your abilities

3. Never let anyone try to change your storyline because it doesn’t fit some rule.

4. Be grateful everyday for the opportunity to write

5. Believe…Fairytales do come true!

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Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, and hopefully with a new book in your future! 📚

As Always,

Dana L.




The 4 C’s of Growing Your Platform

You don’t have to be an author to have a platform.  Everyone from Miss America to political candidates have one, and if you’re in any kind of business, you should consider having one, too.

Below are the 4 important C’s for Growing Your Platform.

  1.  Content

Information about you and your family

Information about your product and where it can be



2.  Consistency

Make sure your voice is recognized.

If you have a website or blog, post consistently.

Tell stories that relate back to your platform.

3.  Commitment

What is your commitment to your product? For me

this  would be my commitment to my writing.

What is your commitment to your patrons or followers?

4.  Community

Grow your tribe of followers or people who believe

In your and your product.

Be a mentor.  There’s always a new author, business

or someone who can benefit from your knowledge.

Finding influencers for your platform is a great way to get the word out about you and your product, which is part of why I do the blog.  You are all my tribe and your interest and support of my books helps to influence others to read them!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, and I look forward to hearing about your platform!

As Always,

Dana L.